Created on the FRONT LINES in the fight against terrorism, Tactical NAV is the ONLY battle-tested mobile app commercially available today. It's trusted by tens of thousands of military warfighters.

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Tactical NAV is tailored specifically to what military warfighters in the field demand and require.



At its core, Tactical NAV is a precision targeting platform completely built for accuracy.



Every facet of Tactical NAV has been designed and inspired by U.S. military warfighters.

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One Man’s Journey

Created from the ground up in the rugged mountains of eastern Afghanistan, Tactical NAV comes from the mind of a U.S. Army Field Artillery officer who had a vision of creating a low-cost and extremely accurate mobile-targeting platform built specifically for military warfighters.

Tactical NAV’s journey began when two Soldiers were killed in the notorious Pech River Valley of Kunar Province, Afghanistan. Then U.S. Army Capt. Jonathan J. Springer, a Battalion Fire Support Officer with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), began developing the application while deployed to an extremely kinetic area of operations.

After asking the U.S. military for help with developing the app, he was told by leaders in the Department of Defense that “they were not interested” and “had no money” for any kind of assistance.

So, Captain Springer, determined to make a difference for others, honor the men that were killed in battle, and see his vision become a reality, used his life savings -- more than $250,000 -- to continue moving forward with the Tactical NAV project all with the hope of saving U.S. military lives, and to help his fellow Soldiers accomplish their mission at home and abroad.

Tactical NAV officially launched on the App Store in February of 2011, and then launched on Google Play soon thereafter.

Tactical NAV is a real game changer. This app has been battle tested and actually used during real combat operations all around the world by the U.S. military with great results. If you're looking to do anything tactical, this is the app for you!


Jeremy, U.S. Army

Love it — extremely accurate. Beats using a DAGR or JCR. Great app Captain!!!


Josh, U.S. Air Force JTAC

Thanks for the fast fix! It works great and is a must have for navigating with your phone. It’s what the phone compass should be, thanks. Thanks for the update, it works even better than before. Awesome stuff!


Steve, U.S. Marine

If you are looking for a very solid mapping app that provides detailed satellite imagery combined with extremely accurate MGRS capabilities, then this is your program.


William, Civilian


All your navigational needs

Tactical NAV is a precision targeting platform that is currently being utilized by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

It has been battle-tested and utilized during combat operations to ensure safety and accuracy, and it has been used to accurately call for fire with mortars and artillery, and also safely deliver precision guided munitions onto enemy targets in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

The app meets the World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS 84) standard, and Tactical NAV’s performance is on par with the AN/PSN-13 Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) — a $2,500 device the Army purchases from Rockwell Collins.

Bottom line, Tactical NAV was built on the FRONT LINES in the war on terrorism. It is the ONLY mobile navigation app that is truly COMBAT TESTED and MILITARY GRADE.

night mode

night mode

Night mode was a feature added when Soldiers were conducting dismounted combat operations. Warfighters asked for the ability to utilize the app with a red filter enabled function so they would be less likely to be noticed on patrol at night.

grid lines

grid lines

Displaying grid lines gives Soldiers the ability to accurately locate themselves quickly. Grid lines and grid designators also help warfighters navigate effectively and are very useful in mission planning and other related functions.

compass mode

compass mode

Just like any good infantryman or artilleryman will tell you, you need a good compass to navigate. Compass mode enables users to accurately sight in on a location or target and it also assists in navigating to waypoints easily.

Troop Tracking

Troop Tracking

Coming soon, Tactical NAV will give users the ability to track each other accurately. Warfighters understand first-hand how critical it is to be able to track friendly individuals and units in real time. Easily.

Photo mode

Photo mode

Photo mode is an ingenious feature that enables users to quickly snap photos with GPS coordinates stamped on the saved images. It’s extremely useful for conducting site surveys and performing blast analysis for use in the mission planning process.

GO to grid

GO to grid

Navigating and going to any grid coordinate effortlessly is extremely beneficial to users. With go to grid, users can input any coordinate and be taken to that location instantly. Users can then navigate or drop a waypoint depending on what they want to do.

Dedicated to Image

Dedicated To

Those that serve

Tactical NAV is dedicated to the "Screaming Eagles" of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), and the brave men and women of the U.S. military.

All sales go directly into the continued development of the application, and a portion of all proceeds go to charities that specifically help disabled veterans and their families.

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